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Arirang Manor
...where business always mixes with pleasure...
opening day! 
26th-Sep-2009 01:48 am
The community is now open and you should all begin rping. Rping will mostly take place on aim, but those who enjoy third-person or logging their aim rping can feel free to make use of the rp community.

I'd like to clear up some confusion some may have had. Clients do not get one escort, and then they're stuck. You can use an escort once, twice, or as many times as they'll allow you to, all the while paying for other escorts if you wish.

Please refer to the Room Assignments entry, and find your room and roommate. Every escort must talk to their roommate at least once, as it wouldn't make sense to be a month into this rp and still have yet to meet your roommate. You don't have to love your roommate, you don't even have to like them, but please make an effort to get to know them before you judge them. Who knows, you may even become close friends.

Remember that the first event will take place on the coming Tuesday at 9pm/est, 6pm/pst. From then on, there will be an event every Friday night at that same time. Event logs will be posted in this community, and everyone is expected to attend. Remember that if you're an escort and you can't make it, you're required to meet up with Madame at some point.

For those who wanted us to pair them up, you got your wish. The following is a list of every client that asked, as well as their escort. Although normally escorts can deny a client, this set up is NOT negotiable. You can refuse the sex, but you can't refuse the meeting. If there is no relationship there beyond friendship, at least you can say you made a new friend. Clients are to contact their escort through aim, the phone on their journal if they made an entry for it, or The Lineup, to set up a meeting. Do NOT wait for your escort to contact you. Unfortunately with the excessive amount of escorts, some had to be left out. Don't fret, this is just one meeting. Starting today, clients can contact any escort they want through the above mentioned forms of communication and proposition them. If you are an escort and haven't reposted your application to the lineup, do it immediately. Anons are posted at the very bottom with their names in white, highlight to know who you were paired up with.

If you as a client are not listed, its because you didn't want to have someone chosen for you and are encouraged to go proposition an escort.

Park Jaebum & Jung Hyungrok/Chris
Choi Dongwook & Lee Kikwang/AJ
Kwon Jiyong & Kim Jungmo/X-mas
Seo Taiji & Hwang Chansung
Lee Hongki & Cho Kyuhyun
Kim Youngwoon/Kangin & No Minwoo/Rose
Kim Jonghyun & Lee Jinki/Onew
Won Seungjae/Ryu & Im Taebin/Danny
Jung Yunho & Kim Junsu
Park Yoochun & Nichkhun Horvejkul
Hangeng & Lee Taemin
Lee Donghae & Choi Minho
Ok Taecyeon & Kim Kibum/Key
Shim Changmin & Bae Yongjoon
Kim Jaewook & Choi Siwon
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