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Arirang Manor

...where business always mixes with pleasure...

Arirang Manor Kpop AU RP
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An AU-Prostitution Universe RP.
(Korean Entertainment)

The Story.
a h i s t o r y.

Arirang Manor is a vast mansion passed down from generation to generation in Seo Inyoung's family. Once she got her hands on the manor, instead of allowing the grandeur and immense size go to waste, Inyoung immediately started her own business. Many call what she runs a high class whore house, but her idea of it is much different. The home is where her 'dearies' or 'darlings' as she tends to call the escorts, live and spend much of their day time frolicking, playing tennis, swimming, or doing whatever their hearts wish. 'Business' does not and will never occur directly in the manor, in an attempt to strictly keep the manor as home-like as possible. So the definition of 'whore house' does not fit Arirang Manor.

The inside of the manor has 50 bedrooms, 30 bathrooms, one large office, several themed rooms, an indoor swimming pool, sauna, gym, three game rooms, a large theater, a dark room, four balconies, spiraling staircases, and much more. Each bedroom is shared between two dearies and connecting two bedrooms is a large bathroom for four to share. Everyone has access to any of the rooms, but visitors are not allowed unless under special circumstance.

Outside, there is another swimming pool and spa, tennis, volleyball and basketball courts, fountains, a green house, and a lot of green grass to frolic in. Anything not up to par or needs some updating? Contact Inyoung and she'll quickly call up an architect or one of her many 'connections.' She's always up for some renovation, after all, 'new arrivals' are very important to her.

The How To.
a b o u t c l a i m i n g.

All claims are anonymous. Players must create a character journal for their characters and post their application using it. Players are welcome to claim stars from any form of Korean entertainment, as long as they are male. Holds may be placed for 48 hours. After such, your character will be up for claiming again.

Applications for either escort or customer are to be submitted here. Once you have created your character journal and have been accepted, join AND watch the main community, the OOC community, and the RP community. If your muse is an escort, repost your application at the lineup when accepted.

At this time, a roommate will be assigned to you. Once the community grows and more muses are claimed, if you wish to change your roommate, contact Madame Inyoung.
The Rules.
o b e y t h e m.

01. First of all, applications must be IC. Think of it like you’re actually going through an application process and interview.

02. Treat everyone with the respect that they deserve. IC drama may be fun, but OOC drama isn’t. Also, when someone tells you something about their muse OOC, it's OOC knowledge. Your muse cannot know about this if he wasn't told directly. OOC knowledge stays OOC!

03. This RP is AIM and LJ based, but LJ is strictly optional. Aim, however, is not optional. If you plan on joining to only post through LJ, you’re going to find yourself bored out of your mind. And because of this, it’s obvious that aim is required. No personal mun screen names are allowed. If your character is Park Myung Soo, your sn cannot be wildhairyfairy. Just be smart when choosing a screen name; fellow muns have to add a bunch of random sns in their buddy list...make it easy for them to know who it is they’re dealing with.

04. Personal LJs can be used for private diary entries, public blogs, etc. BUT if you do want to have LJ logs, these must be posted in the community for everyone to see and not on your own personal LJ.

05. Use correct spelling/grammar/punctuation/tenses/ etc. No one expects complete and utter perfection, but please do try your best.

06. Everyone is expected to stay active and if anyone is inactive for more than a week without posting in our OOC community, they will immediately be dropped. This is not to be unfair, but other muses may depend on your muse. It’s common courtesy to announce if you’ll be on a hiatus.

07. Activity checks will occur regularly.

08. Only two muses per person and they cannot be from the same band.

09. Finally, have fun ^_^.

The rules don't stop there. Check this entry for more rules on roleplaying, and the information desk for everything you need to know about Arirang.