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Arirang Manor
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welcome newcomers! 
22nd-Sep-2009 05:12 pm
Although we are currently allowing people to apply, the community will not officially open until Saturday, the 26th. You are all welcome to get acquainted and start churning out plots as soon as you're accepted, but no actual rping should take place until Saturday.

Though events will be held every Friday, the first will take place Tuesday, the 29th. It would be great if everyone could attend as its the best way to meet other muses. Attending events is not required, and we understand if you can't make it because real life does take time away from the game, but just know that if you miss an event you are required to contact Madame Inyoung. One of the features of the events is that all escorts will take a few minutes to inform Inyoung of all the clients they had that week, and hand over the money they made. Because of this, if you miss an event, you will need to visit Inyoung's office and do just that.

On a final note, if we begin getting too many escorts, we'll be forced to start rejecting applications. Please have some variety. Being a customer is just as fun as being an escort, and is essentially the same, except that you get to have sex with any number of people you want as a customer, as well as have your own life and friends outside the manor.

Once again, welcome, and we hope you enjoy the game!
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