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Arirang Manor
...where business always mixes with pleasure...
room assignments 
21st-Sep-2009 09:01 pm

All escorts are required to live at Arirang Manor, with one roommate.

Roommates will be chosen for you by Madame Inyoung, however, once the community grows and more muses are claimed, you can request a change of roommates if you wish.

Each room is incredibly spacious and will hold two escorts. An equally large bathroom will be connected to both your room and your neighbors. Madame Inyoung provides the essentials (in the highest quality), including a bed, desk, and so on. Escorts are allowed to bring any extra items from home, provided they aren't disruptive to other escorts. Each room also has its own kitchen, however if cooking isn't one of your abilities, the names of in-house cooks can be found in your phone directories.

Escorts who aren't on the job are required to be IN their rooms by 1 am, and no later. Any escort that is found outside their room by that time WILL be punished.

101 - Madame Inyoung's Office
102 - Crown J's Office

201 - Kim Kibum (Key) & Lee Junho
202 - Lee Hongki & Kwon Jiyong
203 - Kim Jaejoong & Hwang Chansung
204 - Lee Sungmin &
205 - Won Seungjae (Ryu) & Choi Minho
206 - Jang Wooyoung & Kim Jonghyun
207 - Shim Changmin & Kim Junsu
208 - Jeong Hyungrok (Chris) & Song Seunghyun
209 - Kim Heechul & Zhou Mi
210 - No Minwoo (Rose) & Choi Dongwook

301 - Nichkhun Horvejkul & Jo Kwon
302 - Kim Ryeowook & Kim Kibum
303 - Kim Taegoon &
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