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Arirang Manor
...where business always mixes with pleasure...
information desk 
21st-Sep-2009 02:58 am

Be sure to read before roleplaying.  

More Rules and RP Notes

• For the sake and growth of the community, knowing what is happening with fellow characters is a must. If your own muse is antisocial and keeps all his drama to himself, it will soon become boring for you and for fellow muns. And for that reason, journal entries should, again, should not must;, be posted regularly so that others can get a little insight into your character’s life. This could be in the form of anything - blogs, secret diaries, letters, etc. There are really no limitations!

• Madame Inyoung regularly posts bulletins on the bulletin board beside her office door on the latest news, events, gossip, more rules, punishments for people who have broken the rules, and so on. This is so everyone is aware of what is happening around the house and also because Inyoung is a lover of gossip. She has many rules, as you have all read (if you haven’t...GO READ THEM!), and your muse can choose whether to follow those rules or break them. Inyoung will enforce those rules no matter what, but go ahead and try to keep it from her. So this being said, if your character breaks a rule and gets punished by Inyoung in a way you think is unfair, you shouldn’t have made them break a rule. And Inyoung won’t ever do anything that will seriously affect your muse. She may be a high-maintenance bitch, but she’s just and fair.

• Although livejournal logs are not necessary required, feel free to post AIM conversations, actual livejournal logs, AIM logs, and whatever you deem necessary. If doing so, however, we just ask that you use proper grammar and spelling. We do understand that when chatting on aim (doing action-dialogue form; i.e. *takes a bit out of his bagel* this is a really great bagel ^_^), it’s easy to fall into chat speak. Chat speak is fine; to an extent when your character is talking (‘gonna’ instead of ‘going to’ is perfectly acceptable in dialogue), but correct grammar is necessary for actions and description. Just...run things through spell check if you’re worried.

• This entire RP does not revolve around Arirang Manor. Like we mentioned before, business does not occur in the house (unless your character is able to keep it a secret from Inyoung ^_~). The house is for the escorts to live, socialize, befriend one another, and have fun. SO customers should form their own background stories and plan to meet their escorts at random locations. Customers can have background stories with other customers or escorts and really...just get creative. Again, this RP is not limited to just the manor! Be creative, think of epic plots, and have fun!

• Just to give you all an example of how to RP through AIM, in case you aren’t familiar with the style...Lets say a few escorts (to pick a random number...five of them) are going to go to a club where they’ll meet a few customers randomly. Doing group activities on livejournal is nearly impossible, which is the main reason why this community is AIM-based. So, instead of posting a log, you could make a buddy chat with some unique name like ‘arirangclubdate’ (if you make the name too general, you might get unwanted visitors creeping up in your chat room -_-) and RP that way. If you do decide to post this on the RP comm, the only thing we ask of you is to delete all OOC comments.

• The business Madame Inyoung runs, although famous, is done underground and is much more secretive compared to typical whore houses. Escorts do not lineup and get chosen like pieces of meat. Instead, customers can set up appointments through Inyoung, choosing which escort they’d like to spend their night with from a list of pictures and mini profiles. More often, though, each escort has a specific place that he enjoys doing business in, whether it is in a club or even in a library. So like prostitution, escorts and their clients go through direct business and set up appointments. Inyoung understands that there are shy customers and clients who have reputations to uphold and she accommodates their needs. 

• Events will occur every Friday. During these events, all escorts are required to tell Inyoung everyone they did business with and pay her there unless the customers paid her beforehand.

In Young's Office

Madame In Young can usually be found at her office (find it at her journal - [info]madame_inyoung). If you have any questions for her, do not hesitate to pay her a visit. Just do realize that she is a busy woman and does not have time for small talk. Waste her time, or lead her on wild goose chases, and you'll find yourself lucky to be able to walk straight again. Her 'friend' Crown J thinks very highly of her, in more ways than one, and won't hesitate to find you if you cross her. You can contact him in his office if Inyoung is away or busy (at his journal - monsieur_crownj )


Events will be held once a week. Basically, they're large parties held at a new place every time. The entire lineup will (most of the time) be present at these events and anyone in Seoul who knows of these events are welcome to attend and mingle with the escorts (perhaps even take one home). Note: Madame In Young is on good terms with the police force, but please do not have loose lips and blab about this all over town. If too many people know of these services, it could become ugly. Also, getting turned down is a part of life. Being rejected by an escort does NOT give you the right to throw a fit and go on a rampage. Anyone who can't control themselves will answer to Crown J. Or worse- In Young.

About the Establishment

Arirang Manor is a vast mansion passed down from generation to generation in Seo Inyoung's family. Once she got her hands on the manor, instead of allowing the grandeur and immense size go to waste, Inyoung immediately started her own business. Many call what she runs a high class whore house, but her idea of it is much different. The home is where her 'dearies' or 'darlings' as she tends to call the escorts, live and spend much of their day time frolicking, playing tennis, swimming, or doing whatever their hearts wish. 'Business' does not and will never occur directly in the manor, in an attempt to strictly keep the manor as home-like as possible. So the definition of 'whore house' does not fit Arirang Manor.

The inside of the manor has 50 bedrooms, 30 bathrooms, one large office, several themed rooms, an indoor swimming pool, sauna, gym, three game rooms, a large theater, a dark room, four balconies, spiraling staircases, and much more. Each bedroom is shared between two dearies and connecting two bedrooms is a large bathroom for four to share. Everyone has access to any of the rooms, but visitors are not allowed unless under special circumstance.

Outside, there is another swimming pool and spa, tennis, volleyball and basketball courts, fountains, a green house, and a lot of green grass to frolic in. Anything not up to par or needs some updating? Contact Inyoung and she'll quickly call up an architect or one of her many 'connections.' She's always up for some renovation, after all, 'new arrivals' are very important to her.
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